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At BridgeView Dental, we are happy to be able to help you maintain healthy teeth and address any dental problems you may face over the years. Our team is friendly and professional, so you can feel at ease knowing you are in good hands. 
With the extensive combined experience and expertise of our five dentist’s, we’ll help you get through any dental situation you find yourself in. 

General care and routine check ups

At BridgeView dental, we take care of our patients with routine teeth cleanings and periodontal disease care and prevention. When necessary, we implement tooth-colored fillings to prevent further decay. 

We also provide emergency walk-in services!
Office where we offer adult braces in Kodiak, AK

Cosmetic dentistry

Our dentists are also specialized in cosmetic dentistry and implants. Our cosmetic services include everything from teeth whitening to gum grafting, and we have several options for single or multiple implant tooth replacements. 

Contact us today to find out more about cosmetic and implant services. 

Laser lip and tongue-tie treatments

When the muscular tissue connecting either the lip or the tongue to the inside of the mouth is too short, it can cause problems for speech and movement. We provide laser frenectomy treatments to solve such issues. Usually these problems are identified in childhood and can be addressed easily with this simple procedure. 


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When disease or accident ends in tooth loss, it's good to know that options for restoring your smile are available. Instead of missing a tooth or wearing a denture, implants are now becoming the treatment of choice by most patients (according to the American Dental Association).

There are numerous choices for implant treatment:
1. Single tooth implants: Replaces a single missing tooth (keeps the surrounding healthy teeth untouched, while strengthening integrity of your chewing by replacing the single missing tooth. 
2. Implant Supported Bridges: An implant supported bridge can replace three or more missing teeth without treating healthy teeth on each side of the missing teeth space. 
3. Implant Supported Denture: If you are missing all of your teeth or just upper or lower arch, you have the treatment option of replacing your teeth or existing ill fitting denture with a  snap in/screw in implant supported denture that is comfortable and stays in place. 

Implants are treated in three steps:
1. Surgical placement of implant in the jaw. 
2. Implant is uncovered and the dentist attaches an abutment to the implant. The gum tissue will need healing time and once healed, the implant and post serve as the foundation for the new crown. 
3. An implant crown is placed on the implant. 


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Emergency Dentistry

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